~Long Exposure~ Identity Series


Inspired by Elena Oganesyan’s work


By engaging with the ‘Concealed Identity’ project I have learned to capture and to produce the motion portraits with the help of the long exposure and image layering technique. I really enjoyed the process of this project because the beauty of this type of portraiture hides in the unexpected outcome- you never know what it will look like at the end!

After contacting Elena, I have learned some useful tips for capturing the best motion portraits:

  • Use natural light if possible
  • Details such as hair or clothes are playing an important role in long exposure portraiture as they can create shadows and different patterns
  • Shiny jewellery is producing patches and strikes of light, which can produce exceptional results. I have tested this tip in my long exposure photograph from the Traditional Series
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with the shutter speed and model’s movements




Concealed Gender 

screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-14-03-37This contemporary long exposure piece is also demonstrating a motion portrait, yet in a different form. The title ‘Concealed Gender’ comes from the visual deception we perceive when observing the portrait since it is difficult to judge the correct gender identity of the model. The clothing could insinuate it is a man, yet in our modern society, there are less social expectations and no control over the clothing the different gender individuals prefer to wear, thus confirming a social change over the time.