Double Exposure Portrait



You can read how to make a Long Exposure portrait in my Tutorials section




A recreation of Linder Sterling’s work


I found the process of recreating this piece quite provocative and entirely new to me as I have never attempted anything in this style, yet the challenge did not frighten me and I was keen to experiment.

In my opinion, this Mixed Media piece represents a strong feminism aspect. The female mouths covering the model’s nipples could be linked with the general stereotype as well as the investigation completed by J. Shuttleworth and G. Keith, which states that women tend to talk too much and more than men. Yet, I could argue with such objective statement due to the lack of truthful and influential secondary data.

Furthermore, we can see the model’s face has been covered with an iron, which could demonstrate the social perception of woman’s position in the old and modern household, where they are seen as housewives rather than bright individuals who can progress up the career ladder amongst their equals of the opposite gender. Besides, we can see the model’s toned body shaped in a confident posture, which connotes the physical strenght, thus referring to the equality, solely protesting against the gender discrimination in the workplaces.

Encased Series


Perfume Collection

The ‘Perfume Collection’ is representing the materialism of modern society since nowadays we tend to pay a minor attention to the natural environments and instead, we are more focused on the manmade things, therefore the collection is demonstrating and encasement of nature.





Encased Doodles





Encased Birds

A recreation of Adrian Limani photograph.

My personal interpretation of this and photograph below would be the encasement of living creatures by humans. We tend to hold breathing and living creatures in cages (encasement) for our own enjoyment and neglect or not acknowledge their reasonable sufferings, which is due to their wild nature.






Encased Butterfly